what is my return policy? in effort to cut down on waste & emissions, all products are final sale. most of our products are unpackaged and would not be sanitary to re-sell. however, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, please email sales@it-refills.com


can we order refills online? at the moment, we only offer refills in store. we recommend trying out one of our solid products like the dish soap block, handmade soaps, and shower steamers as these have a lighter footprint when shipping.

what is the process if i bring my own container to be filled? all containers are tared before we fill the containers. we ask that containers be washed and dried before getting them filled so that your products do not have contamination issues, as our preservatives are natural. we encourage you to bring your own containers. you actually get a discount when you do!

what are your refill products made of? each product has been handpicked from various vendors, many of which are California based. to view ingredients, please check out our refill menu. we strive to find products with minimal ingredients that are good for you and the planet!


how do you package your orders? all orders are packed using up-cycled or compostable materials.